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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rap / Hip Hop

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Bài hát Freestyle 4 được trình bày bởi ca sĩ Kanye West, Desiigner thuộc thể loại bài hát Âu Mỹ, Rap / Hip Hop. Bạn có thể nghe online, download (tải bài hát) Freestyle 4 tốc độ cao về máy với các chất lượng 128kbps, 320kbps, lossless hoàn toàn miễn phí.

Lời bài hát Freestyle 4

[Intro: Kanye West]
This that rap god shit nigga
I rip every one of these motherfuckers down
Aye, rah, rah, rah
Rah, rah

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
Close eyes, see things
Fire up, tweaking
You're my freak dreams
You're my freak dreams
Bad bitch, you dig that
Get stacks, drive cars
Whip out, bitch out
Tits out, oh shit
My dick out, can she suck it right now?
Fuck, can she fuck right now?
I done asked twice now
Can you bring your price down?
Lil Boosie with the wipe down
A little woozy but I'm nice now
What the fuck right now?
What the fuck right now?
What the, what the fuck right now?
What if we fuck right now?
What if we fucked right in the middle
Of this motherfuckin' dinner table?
What if we just fucked at the Vogue party
Would we be the life of the whole party?
Shut down the whole party
Would everybody start fuckin'?
Would everybody start fuckin'?
Would everybody start fuckin'? They don't want nothin'
You motherfuckers living like half of your level, half of your life
I smack her on her ass if she ghetto, I ain't gon' lie
We be in the bathroom fucking like baby don't get too loud
I can, I can sing it, yeah

[Hook: Desiigner]
I want it right now
All of my niggas gon' get it in Chi now
You get hit with the pie now
Rolls with killer money nigga get by now
Right now, right now
I'm with niggas that have been to your side now
Side now, side down

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