Brandon Flowers

Never Get You Right


Brandon Flowers

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ

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Lời bài hát Never Get You Right

It's a coin toss, its a game on
Your were born lost and dirt blonde
No curfew with your drunk mom
No one to stop you know

And I'll give you my opinion its the only one I got
They'll turn you into something whether you are it or not

But they'll never get you right
I've been watching you all night
And the people passing by they should tremble at your sight

These bad dreams and these back seat happys
A good angel with bad wings
No one to help you out

And Ill give you my opinion where your it or not
Through a microscope lens dissecting your whole life

[Chorus x2]

Everybody talks from the wrong side of the mask
Gliding through the universe as the world keeps rolling past
Don't give into the pressure cause it isn't gonna stop
The world goes on around you whether you like it or not
(Around you around around)
(Whether you like it or not)


They'll never get you right
Get you right well they re never gonna get you right

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